Magna Carta is one of the most fundamental documents in English Law. Its signing in 1215 helped to protect the individual from arbitrary imprisonment and abuse from the authorities. It also helped establish and enshrine property rights into the English legal tradition. Furthermore, it went a long way to influence the legal traditions and practices of many other nations. However, while countries across the world still follow the traditions of Magna Carta, it has increasingly been discarded by the authorities within the United Kingdom.

Magna Carta in the 21st Century: Modern Britain and The Erosion of Freedom is  a book produced by The Hampden Trust and The Freedom Association to highlight how the traditions of Magna Carta are being usurped by legal traditions from elsewhere in the world. By looking at why the core principles of Magna Carta existed – and how they are being eroded – the book is designed to highlight to a young audience why it was such an important document, and why its erosion is of concern.

The book is designed for school children, to educate them about the core concepts of English legal traditions. In doing so, it is hoped that  The Hampden Trust and The Freedom Association can enhance the understanding of both Magna Carta and the conditions necessary for a legal system to be free from corruption.

The forthcoming 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta in 2015 presents an ideal opportunity to achieve a heightened understanding of the document and its relevance to freedom and liberty today. To promote this education, The Freedom Association is keen to come and talk to schools and classes of school children aged between 11 and 16. If you are a Headmaster, teacher or parent that wishes The Freedom Association to send a speaker to talk to your school, please contact TFA Director, Rory Broomfield, on for more details.