I Heart Freedom



Just how easy is it to promote the concept of freedom? The Freedom Association has been doing just that for nearly 40 years – but recently it has launched a new campaign which looks to refresh the fight for freedom and make the messages even easier to spread.

Over the coming weeks, months and years a new logo will be popping up on The Freedom Association’s website, publications and merchandise. As part of a renewed focus on championing the Seven Principles of a Free Society, the I HEART Freedom logo will be making regular appearances.

Designed for, and launched at inaugural The Freedom Festival, I HEART Freedom embodies everything The Freedom Association stands for and continues to fight for. This was evidenced by the speed in which I HEART Freedom badges were snapped up by those attending inaugural The Freedom Festival.

Freedom is not a difficult sell – so easy in fact that it is often neglected. The I HEART Freedom campaign intends to reignite the battle for freedom in a punchy way, and one which resonates with everyone.