WATCH Milton Friedman explain the power of the free market, using a pencil

Something for you on a Friday afternoon as you start to look forward to the weekend. If you haven't seen this video before, you should. It's only about two and half minutes long, but it's one of the best explanations of the free market there is.   If you would like to join us fighting for freedom and free markets, you can become a member of The Freedom Association by clicking here.  Have a great weekend.  Continue reading

LISTEN: Rory Broomfield reviews the week's news on Talk Radio

Rory Broomfield, Director of The Freedom Association, reviewed the week's news on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show on Talk Radio. His fellow reviewer was Sir Simon Hughes, a former deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats.  Continue reading

Rory Broomfield: Osborne’s in denial

Writing for Comment Central, Rory Broomfield says that since last year’s EU Referendum, there has been good news in abundance, but try telling that to George Osborne and co. Things happen in life that we might not like. We have to deal with them and move on. However, there are some events in life that people feel unable to let go. It seems that, to much of the press, Brexit is that issue. Continue reading

If being stupid were a criminal offence, we would all be criminals

I was at a party on Monday evening when an MP told me that Anne Marie Morris had used the expression, “n***** in a woodpile”. I was surprised that she had been so stupid. The expression she used was used by millions of people every day when I was growing up. It was used by teachers in the classroom. But that was then, the expression is no longer (rightly in my opinion) deemed acceptable, and you would expect an MP not to make the mistake she made. Continue reading

New review threatens freedom of choice

Today's publication of the Taylor Review into modern employment practices is being criticised by the Trade Union movement and Labour politicians as not going far enough. One Labour MP, Rebecca Long-Baily, has even said that Uber is not "morally acceptable". What both they and, to some extent the Review, fail to realise is one core fact: the new economy is about freedom of choice.  Continue reading