The evil of Anti-Semitism has no place in modern politics

I spent much of this morning watching yesterday's anti-Semitism debate in the House of Commons. Members of Parliament really rose to the occasion and there were many fine speeches. I have highlighted two below because the two MPs in question have both been the subject of vicious anti-Semitic abuse.  Luciana Berger (Labour, Liverpool, Wavertree) and Ruth Smeeth (Labour, Stoke-on-Trent North) both gave moving and passionate speeches which highlighted the abuse they have had to face. Here is a snippet of Luciana Berger's speech: Continue reading

Market trader banned from shouting

This is another story from the ever growing "you couldn't make it up" list. A market trader from Hampshire has been banned from shouting because his voice is too loud. The aptly named Wayne Bellows has a voice that has been measured at 111 decibels - as loud as a chainsaw - and this has upset some people in the town of Lymington.  If you visit a market you expect someone to be shouting "fresh strawberries, get your fresh strawberries. Only £2 a punnet", or however much they are. You expect traders to compete with each other. For me, it's one of the joys of visiting a market.  Continue reading

Dead burglar's family & friends are deliberately intimidating residents and the Osborn-Brooks. They must be stopped now

I was pleased to read this morning that finally the shrine to dead career criminal Henry Vincent has been officially removed. But instead of the Metropolitan Police removing it, they left the job to Lewisham Council. This highlights the Met's priorities in this case. It would rather pander to a criminal traveller family than do the job it's tasked to do.  Mr. and Mrs. Osborn-Brooks can't return to their home in Hither Green. It is too dangerous for them. They are instead being protected in a safe house. Now Vincent's family are going to splash out £100,000 on his funeral, including £50,000 on flowers. Who said that crime doesn't pay? It pays very well for these scumbags.  Continue reading

No plaque for Enoch

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association. The Rt Rev’d Clive Gregory and the Rt Rev’d Michael Ipgrave have embarked on a project inept and mean-spirited even by the debased standards of our politicised episcopate. The Bishop of Wolverhampton and the Bishop of Lichfield have signed a petition got up by Black Country Stand Up To Racism to oppose the proposal to erect a commemorative plaque to Enoch Powell in Wolverhampton – Mr Powell’s parliamentary constituency from 1950 to 1974. Continue reading

Mourning a career criminal

If you want a snapshot of what is wrong with policing in this country, cast your gaze on Hither Green. This was where career criminal, Henry Vincent, was fatally stabbed last week with the screwdriver he intended to use on pensioner, Richard Osborn-Brooks.  After a tragic accident, I can understand why the family and friends of a deceased person would erect a shrine near the spot they had been killed. But for the family of Henry Vincent to erect a shrine in his memory opposite the house he was burgling at the time he was stabbed in an act of self defence on Mr. Osborn-Brooks behalf, is sickening. Continue reading