There’s no justice

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association.  Is British criminal justice truly just? If it were, it would operate impartially without fear or favour and its only bias being in favour of the facts. But this is not what happens. Frequently the innocent are punished and the guilty go free. This should not happen. The matter of the fair operation of the judicial process was sorted out centuries before the birth of Christ in the opening chapters of Plato’s Republic. Here, in an argument with Polymarchus, Glaucon and Thrasymachus, Socrates describes what true justice is and how it should operate: “for the maintenance of harmony in the city.” Harmony is not served where virtue is penalised and vice rewarded, where the innocent are punished and the guilty set free. Continue reading

An Englishman's home is his castle

If a burglar broke into my home, brandishing a weapon, I would do anything that i could to defend myself. Wouldn't you? The chances are my young son would be asleep in bed. I don't want a criminal wandering around my home potentially injuring him. But if the burglar is injured or killed as a result, what protections do I have in law? Continue reading

Gender Pay Gap - are women really being discriminated against?

I have just read an article by the Prime Minister in the Telegraph. In it she talks passionately about the gender pay gap. She even ends her article by saying: "It seems extraordinary to us that women 100 years ago were not only denied the right to vote but had to fight so hard for it. It is our job to make sure that it doesn’t take another 100 years for the gender pay gap to become a thing of the past." Continue reading

Good riddance. Alison Saunders won't be missed

When I heard the news that Alison Saunders had resigned (or was pushed?) as Director of Public Prosecutions, my heart jumped for joy. I was reminded of a short post I published on my personal website in January. Here it is in full:  Continue reading