Peer slates Electoral Commission for ‘caving in’ to Remainer pressure on Vote Leave funding investigation

The independent Labour Peer and Better Off Out supporter, Lord Stoddart of Swindon, has criticised the Electoral Commission for what he believes is their ‘cravenly caving in’ to pressure from Remainer MPs and activists over the re-investigation of Vote Leave’s funding of ‘BeLeave’ during the referendum campaign. Continue reading

NHS: National Horror Story

The taxpayer is funding a scandalous shambles, argues the Rev Dr Peter Mullen PhD. Continue reading

How many councils in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire ban vaping in taxis?

The figures are better than I thought they would be. We sent freedom of information requests to the 28 councils in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire that are responsible for licensing. 27 responded. Out of those 27 councils, 8 ban vaping in one way or another. They are Bradford, City of York (which currently has a ban for private hire vehicles, but not taxis. This is changing soon, though, and there will be an outright ban), East Riding of Yorkshire, Leeds (which is about to implement a ban), North Lincolnshire, Rotherham, Scarborough (which allows passengers to vape, but bans drivers), and Selby.  Continue reading

BBC forced presenters to use personal service companies

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Christa Ackroyd, a former BBC presenter who was paid through her own personal service company (PSC) and who left the BBC very abruptly five years ago. Ms. Ackroyd has since been given a £419,000 tax bill by HMRC because the tax man said that she should have been an employee of the BBC.  Many current and former BBC journalists and presenters accuse the corporation of forcing them to use PSC's. This morning it was the turn of Liz Kershaw, Kirsty Lang, Paul Wise, and Stuart Linnell.  Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Two per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence

  Two per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence. The Freedom Association supports Julian Lewis MP in his call for increased defence spending   For immediate release    After the Prime Minister's statement to the House of Commons regarding Russia, the Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, chair of the Defence Committee and a member of The Freedom Association, commented during a question that "two per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence." The Freedom Association completely agrees with him and supports his call for increased defence spending.  Continue reading