Ditherer May kicks higher education reform into the long grass

I have heard many of Theresa May's speeches since she became Prime Minister. Too many. I generally don't take much notice of them as usually are just words with little action. And May certainly comes out with plenty of words, but today there was a whiff of Martin Luther King Jr.  "I have a dream that a middle class girl from a private school will be able to get a technical education and not feel that she is being forced to go to university. I have a dream that a poor boy from Derby will one day become a judge". She didn't quite phrase it in that way, but that was one of the messages that she was trying to get across in her speech this afternoon.   Continue reading

Australian Senator travels in Vape Force One

Australia's vaping laws really do take some understanding. Basically, as explained in this post on Ozvapour.com: "The baseline is that because nicotine is classed as a Schedule 7 poison in Australia, it’s illegal to sell it except as a licensed medication. "That means disposable e-cigarettes or cartridges that contain nicotine are not for sale right across the country, but nicotine free ones and refillable devices can be sold unless state law bans them." Continue reading

Does your council ban vaping in taxis and private hire vehicles? Will you help us find out?

On Tuesday I wrote about Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire considering banning the use of e-cigarettes in taxis and private hire vehicles the council licenses. But what about your council?  If you live in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, don't worry, I have that covered. I sent off a freedom of information (FoI) request yesterday to all 28 councils in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire that have licensing responsibilities.  Continue reading

Max Mosley tries to erase history

Max Mosley is trying to erase history. He wants all references to the German-themed sadomasochistic orgy involving him and five prostitutes removing from newspapers. Mosley (through a family trust) also bankrolls Impress, the only approved state press regulator. But he doesn't want you to know that. In future he wants newspapers banned saying he bankrolls Impress. If the words "approved state press regulator" doesn't send an uncomfortable chill up your spine, then Mosley bankrolling it should.  Lest we forget, Mosley is the son of Oswald Mosley, leader of the former British Union of Fascists. He got married in 1936 to his second wife, Diana Mitford, in the glorious setting of Joseph Goebbels's home. To make the day even more special, Adolf Hitler was present. Oswald Mosley had very robust views about the free press. He hated it. And some of that hatred has rubbed off on his son. For to attempt to erase history and to attempt to force newspaper to stop reporting the truth, can only be described as a form of fascism. Daddy would be proud. What a chip off the old block!  Continue reading

RT hires studios from the BBC

I didn't spot this in The Times last week, otherwise I would have written about it sooner. Here's an excerpt: 'The BBC is making money by hiring out its studios to RT, the television channel controlled by Moscow. The state-owned network has been described by US intelligence officials as “the Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet”. Continue reading