Lollipop Man forced out of job for high-fiving

Bryan Broom is a model citizen and a pillar of his community. He has been a school governor at Kirk Ella St Andrew's Community Primary School in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and for the last 20 years he has been the school's lollipop man. Children and parents love him.  Jerry Cloud Platt, one of the parents, said that she always knew she could have a belly laugh with him. "He was funny but still was serious about safety. It was a win-win situation", she said.  Continue reading

Happy Hijab Day!

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association.  Does the Foreign Office believe in freedom? Senior civil servants in the FO have asked their staff to wear Islamic headscarves for a day because, they claim, the headscarf – commonly called the hijab or khimaar - symbolises “liberation, respect and security.” Hijab means a barrier and one might question how the veiling of a woman behind a barrier leads to her liberation. Many women in Iran certainly don’t think the hijab is liberating and, while women in our Foreign Office were wearing the veil for World Hijab Day, Iranian women were risking imprisonment and worse by removing their hijabs in public as a protest against “the institutionalised oppression of women.” Continue reading

Beware Blair, Barnier, Schulz and Soros

Those that are wishing to disrupt the Brexit process and democracy have seemingly endless pots of money and influence. We need the government to step up and introduce campaign reform to take back control of our system, argues TFA Director Rory Broomfield.  Continue reading

The Freedom Association is proud to support the 'Reclaiming religious freedom in the UK' campaign

This is an important campaign and we at The Freedom Association are proud to support it. It has been organised by the charity, Barnabas Fund. Here is an extract from its website: "Religious freedoms in the UK have taken centuries to build, but intolerance, complacency and uniformity are slowly eroding them away. It’s easy to sit back and ignore the damage because, like erosion, it’s not always immediately visible on the surface. But look a little closer and you can begin to see the cracks. Continue reading

The Freedom Association welcomes a judicial review of the Parole Board's decision to release John Worboys

Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns at The Freedom Association, said: "If there was any justice in our criminal justice system, John Worboys would not have been considered for parole after just nine years. He was convicted nine years ago of one count of rape, five sexual assaults, one attempted assault and 12 drugging charges, committed from July 2007 to February 2008 and given an indeterminate sentence requiring him to serve at least eight years.  Continue reading