WATCH: Former Met Commissioner, Lord Hogan-Howe, voted for Brexit. Find out why

Lord Hogan-Howe, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, gave a great speech in the House of Lords yesterday explaining why he voted for Brexit. If you think that the UK's security is at risk when we leave the EU, listen to what Lord Hogan-Howe has to say about it. Here's an extract: "Concerns have been expressed about our future security, but our security is built on a strong military, intelligence and policing infrastructure. However, I argue that maintaining all these does not require the UK to be a member of the EU. In defence, our military strength depends on our own investments and innovation, together with those of our allies. Our major military bulwark is NATO. It does not rely on Europe but it does rely on America." Continue reading

WATCH: Lord Cavendish of Furness defends Brexit

in an excellent speech in the House of Lords yesterday, Lord Cavendish of Furness proudly defended Brexit against the attacks of Remoaner Peers. This is how he concluded his speech: "Since the dawn of time, far earlier than the Magna Carta, in these soggy islands—places of such beauty and enduring romance—it was established that we would be governed by consent and not by diktat. The settlement has at intervals been challenged by the Norman invasion, by the Stuarts and, dare I say it, by families like my own, who from time to time got out of control and had to be reined in. These same people I met on the campaign trail also understood why their ​parents and grandparents suffered and gave their lives so that we, their successors, could enjoy the golden benefits of the rule of law and breathe the sweet air of freedom. I have inherited their passion and, in consequence, ask for this Bill to be given safe passage." Continue reading

The hypocrisy of those advocating votes at 16

The Labour Party has announced today that if elected at the next general election, it will lower the legal age someone can buy alcohol and tobacco to 16 years. The age for getting a tattoo, using a sunbed, and driving a car will also be lowered. The Labour Party also proposes giving 16 year-olds the right to marry without parental consent (bringing the rest of the UK in line with Scotland), the right to die on a battlefield for Queen and country, buy fireworks, knives, and allowing them to take out personal loans and apply for a credit card.  How does that sound to you? Do you think they will be vote winners? Of course, the Labour Party didn't announce that today, but all of the above are things that you can't do until you are 18 years-old - apart from driving a car, which currently stands at 17.  Continue reading

Talk Is Not Cheap

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association.  It’s not a good idea to talk a lot, for by so doing you give too much away. By talking at length, we reveal what matters most to us: our interests, preoccupations, aspirations and fears. It’s simple: what you choose to talk about lets your listeners know who you really are, your most serious concerns, your principles and priorities. Continue reading