LISTEN: Hastings Borough Council's over zealous dog wardens

Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns, was interviewed on BBC Sussex this morning about the over zealous dog wardens leaping on anyone who hasn't got their dog on a lead when they should.  Those caught may have broken a bylaw, but surely common sense should prevail? If appears not, and as it is a private company issuing the fines, Andrew thinks it has more do to with making money than it has with keeping residents and visitors safe. The punishment should fit the crime, but apparently Hastings Council is exempt - or so it thinks.  Continue reading

New vaping clampdown on London Midland trains

An article in the Birmingham Mail states that London Midland has "launched a new campaign to stamp out anti-social behaviour and it could see passengers facing prosecution for breaking new railway by-laws. Commuters caught putting their feet on seats or vaping could end up in court." It's time for Network Rail and all train operating companies, not just London Midland, to change their e-cigarette policies. As I understand it (and if I am wrong, I will happily make a correction) the existing railway byelaws do not cover e-cigarettes. Take a look for yourself. Continue reading

Tony Blair plots with Malta's PM

When he was Prime Minister, Tony Blair was often criticised in the media for taking "freebie" holidays in exotic places around the world courtesy of the rich and famous. I don't know if Tony and Cherie paid for their recent trip to Malta, but they were certainly at some point during their visit the guests of Malta's Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat and his wife.  As reported in today's Sun newspaper, Mr. Muscat tweeted the following on Sunday morning:   Continue reading

Lib Dem MP looks to undermine individual freedom and democracy

In a press release sent by the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey argues that any climb down from the UK’s membership to the European Arrest Warrant will threaten national security. In response, the Director of Better Off Out, Rory Broomfield, writes: Continue reading

Comments from leader of “EU minnow country” go down badly with Brexit peer Lord Stoddart of Swindon

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has taken the new Prime Minister of the Irish Republic, Leo Varadkar to task about his contribution to the ongoing debate over Brexit and advised the “stripling leader of a mini-state” to “learn his trade” before presuming to lecture the United Kingdom. Continue reading