WATCH: Andrew Allison discusses vaping on the Sunday Politics in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns, was invited to take part in a discussion on vaping on the BBC Sunday Politics programme in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire on 3 December.  Click below to watch it.  Continue reading

VIDEO: Protesters breaking into All Saints Centre, Lewes at the cancelled Katie Hopkins talk

In this video the violent mob are succeeding in breaking through a closed door. This is criminal behaviour that Sussex Police wanted to brush under the carpet. Continue reading

How to produce a mental case…

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association.  Every week, it seems, there is another TV documentary or a special supplement in a national newspaper to tell us the shocking news of the “epidemic of mental illness among young people.” Even Prince Harry and Prince William wax all teary eyeball and harp on the same theme. The sages in the mass media express puzzlement about the causes of this epidemic. But really they should not be surprised. The Jesuits had a saying, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Continue reading

Hands All Round

The following is a guest post Dr. Timothy Tomkinson.  The other day I stumbled across this poem by Tennyson. Written a hundred and thirty two years ago and although a little garish, it is remarkably relevant to the present day. Of course there can be many interpretations but beyond the slightly grating overtones it is high-minded and enduring. At its core it calls for individual freedom, and discerns where balances of power lie. It is a splendid tribute to an enduring outlook, as he correctly states the priority that the UK and Anglosphere have traditionally put on freedom. To paraphrase Disraeli, “I prefer the liberties we now enjoy to the liberalism they profess, and find something better than the Rights of Man in the Rights of Englishmen”. That is the sentiment echoed in the poem and borne out today. The fact that in the UK one may prefer the freedoms and liberties that we have been gifted, more than the illusory rights professed by more authoritarian regimes (although the times are changing). Continue reading

VIDEO: After the protesters forced entry to All Saints Centre, Lewes in search for Katie Hopkins

I have been sent the video below which was taken after the protesters illegally forced their way into All Saints Centre, Lewes in search of Katie Hopkins. Katie, though, had already left the building.  The woman who claims that she had tickets is Marina Pepper, who the festival organiser thinks organised many of the thugs to come down. I have been told that despite her protestations, she did not have a ticket to attend the talk.  Continue reading