"Hooded thugs had established mob rule". Another eyewitness account of what it was really like trying to attend Katie Hopkins' talk in Lewes

Here is his very detailed, personal account of what it was really like at All Saints Centre in Lewes last Saturday for those going to hear a talk from Katie Hopkins. The person has asked to remain anonymous. If you think the protesters were good humoured upstanding citizens, think again.  Continue reading

What do you have to do to get arrested by Sussex Police?

In the middle of October I was invited to give an interview for BBC Sussex about Katie Hopkins. It's not the first interview I have given about her, and as I have discovered over the last two days, it wasn't my last. She is someone who brings out the worst in people, irrespective of whether you agree with her or not. She is deliberately provocative; she stirs up trouble when perhaps it would be wiser to keep one's counsel. But, no matter what we think about her, she has a right to free speech.  Continue reading

Theresa's Romantic Fantasy

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association.  Theresa May is very angry with Prince Harry. There was the great lady – Theresa, I mean, not Harry’s intended – with more press releases than she has pairs of shoes. For yesterday was to mark the launch of the government’s Grand Industrial Strategy: to give it its full title, The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Acres of newsprint had been set aside for the publication of details of this great national plan. I nearly wrote Five Year Plan, after the manner of the former Soviet Union. But Theresa is far more ambitious than Joseph Stalin and her strategy looks forward as far as 2040. Television and radio schedules were cleared in advance for exciting ministerial appearances. Then, wouldn’t you just know it: the Prince and his Yankee girlfriend – “I’m just wild about Harry” – are the only news in town. Surely Theresa must be our unluckiest prime minister: first she loses a general election which even a pussycat would have won; then she cocks up the Tory conference with a coughing fit; and now her big strategic launch lies smothered under a pile of royal fluff.   Continue reading

The Freedom Association complains to Sussex PCC after Katie Hopkins' talk was cancelled at Lewes Speakers Festival

The Freedom Association has today written to Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, to ask her to order an investigation into the policing methods used outside All Saints Centre in Lewes on Saturday 25 November 2017 which resulted in the cancellation of a talk by Katie Hopkins.  Continue reading

The day the UK stopped being European - according to the EU

What do Istanbul, Reykjavík and Stavanger all have in common? All of them applied at different times to be European Capital of Culture, and all of them won the accolade. This is despite Turkey, Iceland, and Norway not being members of the European Union. The clue should be in the title: the European Capital of Culture, not the European Union Capital of Culture. Not that this matters to our so-called friends in Brussels who just enjoy being vindictive.  Continue reading