In an excellent article for City A.M. yesterday, Brian Monteith, a Freedom Association Council Member and a former MSP, described the BBC's coverage of Brexit as "bias on stilts". He also said: "Recently, we were subject to a BBC report of a decline in nurses coming from the EU, when the truth is that applications have climbed. Last week’s anniversary of the Brexit vote was marked by a Question Time panel that had four Remainers against one Leaver, and an audience dominated by Remainers in Plymouth – a constituency that voted overwhelmingly to Leave." There are numerous other examples, and quite often bias shows itself in different forms. As Brian has noted, it's not always what is said or done, but rather what is omitted. Continue reading

The country needs aspiration not rage.

With the Queen's Speech delivered, the task for the government is to get on with the job. It means though ensuring that legislation creates opportunities for individuals to excel, argues Rory Broomfield.   Continue reading

The Freedom Association’s response to the terror attack in Manchester

The thoughts of everyone at The Freedom Association are with the family and friends of the 22 innocent people (many of them children) who were brutally murdered in Manchester last night. At the time of writing, there are children in operating theatres, with parents refusing treatment, so they can be near them. Sadly, the death toll could rise. Continue reading

The Freedom Association responds to the Conservative Party Manifesto

The Conservative manifesto launched earlier today is a document that tries to please everyone. Economically, it is a definite lurch to the left. There are commitments to the national living wage and more workers’ rights. There are attacks on businesses with the Government thinking it is its job to interfere in executive pay, and new powers to effectively block any takeover of a UK company from overseas investors.  Continue reading

The Freedom Association responds to the ‘economically illiterate’ draft Labour Manifesto

Responding to the leak of the Labour Party’s draft manifesto, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns for The Freedom Association, said: “If implemented, this economically illiterate draft Labour manifesto would be disastrous for the UK’s economy. It would certainly send us back to 1970s working practices where union bosses call the shots and the ordinary workers they are supposed to represent are used as pawns in a wider political war against capitalism.   Continue reading