WATCH: Ryanair's sky high hyperbole

If you want to fly to Europe after the UK has left the European Union, you may not be able to, according to Ryanair. Open skies falls under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which the UK will leave. Ryanair is trying to say that after Brexit flights could be grounded for many months unless a bilateral agreement is made.  Continue reading

Brexit at Noon: 'Despite Brexit'

Over the past year, the term 'despite Brexit' has been used to describe (with some irony) all the good news that has been reported in the UK economy. It has been used in countless headlines, articles and op-eds by newspapers like the FT, the Guardian and the Independent to illustrate - often with high levels of shock - how well the UK economy is doing in comparison to what they expected. Continue reading

Read our Freedom to Vape campaign's 2017 Annual Review

Our Freedom to Vape campaign published its 2017 Annual Review today. Click on the link below to take a look at what we have achieved in the past year, and what our aims are for the next twelve months.  Continue reading

Brexit at Noon: Remainers are chicken

Everywhere in the establishment news today (The Times, BBC Radio 4's Today Programme etc) there seems to be endless copy / talk about the possibility of chlorinated chicken being sold in the UK as a result of a UK-US trade deal. For many people reading / listening to this, there would be confusion over just how so many people could suddenly become experts on chicken.  Continue reading

Stop Blair Campaign launched

Day-in-day-out the UK media and political environment seems blighted by the constant yada-yada of those wishing to subvert last year’s Referendum result. This was pointed out with characteristic punch last week in the Telegraph by Better Off Out patron, Lord Tebbit. What’s necessary now is for a fightback and remobilisation of support on behalf of the British public and against these actors. To achieve this, today we launch our new email service, Brexit at Noon, along with a new  Stop Blair Campaign. This will combine a ‘fighting fund’ to help us campaign against any row back, along with a daily email sent exclusively to members of The Freedom Association and sign ups to the Better Off Out campaign during the week. Continue reading