Is freedom now only a slogan in Britain?

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association. In Britain we cherish our freedom. But if “freedom” is to mean anything other than an empty slogan, there must exist the means to guarantee it. We have such a guarantee and it is freedom under the law? Or do we? Continue reading

Evil be thou my good

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association. How low can we sink? What’s the worst thing we can do? How deep are the depths of depravity? Let me offer a definition of the vilest depravity: it is when we deliberately choose to invert all our values, despise goodness and say, “Evil, be thou my good!” I’ve made all this sound so very abstract, but this week we have a practical, real-life example… Continue reading

Belfast ‘gay cake’ row is about freedom of expression

The Ashers Bakery case has rumbled on for four years and has now reached the Supreme Court which is meeting in Belfast. I was going to write something about it, and then I read the following article written by Peter Tatchell. It's excellent. Peter has given us his permission to republish it on our website.    WHO knew that something as innocuous as flour, eggs and sugar could ignite a landmark legal battle and start a debate which has split Twitter down the middle? The most controversial cake in history has nothing to do with the Great British Bake Off: instead it’s the subject of a Supreme Court case centred on Ashers Bakery in Belfast. Continue reading

The Blind lead the Blind

I watched as Lord Pearson asked his question in the Lords and I felt both ashamed and disgusted. The spectacle was of our leaders, supposed statesmen, sleep-walking into oblivion. To put it politely, members of the House dodged the facts. Lord Pearson's question was partly about the implications for sharia in England once the Muslim population has increased tenfold. The government spokesperson brushed it aside and assured members that sharia will have no place in our legal constitution and framework. Really? But it is operating here already - in cases involving marital law among Muslims for instance. Continue reading

A note to supporters of Universal Basic Income: it isn't working

Many organisations (from both the left and right) have lauded the concept of introducing a universal basic income (UBI). However, a recent trial in Finland has been pulled early and, far from producing some of the variety of benefits subscribed to this system, it is suggested that the introduction of UBI would require an increase in income tax by nearly 30%, increase income inequality and raise Finland's poverty rate from 11.4% to 14.1%. Continue reading