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Silver coloured traditional lion motif with the letters TFA on a royal blue enamel background.

Available from The Freedom Association, Richwood House, 1 Trinity School Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 2JL

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pocket book

Pocket Book of Freedom opens the discussion on some of the most fundamental questions concerning a free society. 

Written by The Freedom Association’s Honorary President, Christopher Gill, this booklet is an easy to understand guide as to why the English common law, with its range of defences and protections against the State, should be upheld. Price: £5 (plus P&P)






magna carta in 21Magna Carta in the 21st Century: Modern Britain and the Erosion of Freedom highlights how the traditions of Magna Carta are being usurped by legal traditions from elsewhere in the world. By looking at why the core principles of Magna Carta existed – and how they are being eroded – the book is designed to highlight to a young audience why it was such an important document, and why its erosion is of concern.

The book is designed for school children, to educate them about the core concepts of English legal traditions.  Price: £3 (plus P&P)

future bright picThe Future’s Bright – The Future’s Global illustrates how the world is changing to become much more focused on global trade. It shows that it is vital the UK is free to take advantage of this change and be free to set its own laws to remain globally competitive.

Written by The Freedom Association’s Director, Rory Broomfield, this book shows how now more than ever the UK needs to leave the EU and be able to stand on its own two feet. Price: £5 (plus P&P).






Membership of the EU: There are alternatives examines the relationships that four states – Australia, Canada, Norway and Switzerland – have with the EU and how they have helped make each of these nations more successful.

Written by Rory Broomfield, it shows the UK could have a relationship with the EU without being a member and indicates some ways in which it could become freer and more successful. Price: £5 (P&P).






‘Europe’ doesn’t work: A discussion of the three-million-jobs-at-risk lie and related misconceptions shows that jobs depend on the continuation of trade and not on continued EU membership.

Written by Tim Congdon CBE, this publication shows that the myth that three million jobs depend on EU membership is an untruth and focus should be moved onto making the economy more dynamic and free. Price: £5 (plus P&P).





in defence

In Defence of the City is a collection of essays written by six esteemed authors who illustrate how important the City is to the UK.  

Each author focuses on a certain aspect of the City and its contribution to the UK economy and defends the City of London – and the concept of capitalism – in the wake of the financial crisis that started in 2007.

Anyone interested in the future of the City of London and the government’s policy towards it should read this book. Price: £5 (plus P&P)





opt-out (1)

Why We Should Opt Out: Evidence from the Better Off Out campaign examines those European Union Police and Criminal Justice Measures into which the Home Office has indicated a desire to ‘opt in’.

Written by Jonathan Lindsell, political blogger and research fellow at Civitas, it shows the UK has the ability to manage its own affairs and protect the freedoms of its citizens. Price: £5 (plus P&P)

To purchase a copy of any of these publications, please telephone Sharon Jones on 01242 235333 to pay by Mastercard/Visa credit/debit card or send a cheque, payable to “The Freedom Association” to The Freedom Association, Richwood House, 1 Trinity School Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL52 2JL