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An ambitious speech but will the EU listen?

Theresa May’s speech in Florence this afternoon was said to be her most significant speech on Brexit since what she delivered earlier this year at Lancaster House.

Rory Broomfield, Director of Better Off Out, responds:

“It was a speech that was full of ambition and confidence but posed more questions than it answered.

Ambitious in calling for a creation of a ‘deep and special partnership’ with the EU across various areas (economic, security and defence) whilst confident of the UK’s future.

Theresa May did answer questions over whether or not the UK would be seeking either an EEA or CETA equivalent by saying that the UK and the EU could do so much better. The PM also addressed some questions over the role of the European Court of Justice. However, how much this deal might cost the UK and whether the EU is interested in these proposals remains to be seen.

Questions also remain over the extent to which the UK will be tied to EU regulations going forward. If the UK cannot seek a competitive advantage, then the UK’s democratic freedom will be compromised.”


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