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Comment - Soothe the EU’s loss of Five Eyes by adding a Sixth: Ireland

Writing in City AM this morning, Rory Broomfield, Director of The Freedom Association, argues that there is a case for the UK to lobby for Ireland's inclusion into the Five Eyes Alliances. 

As the government releases a number of position papers on its stance in the ongoing negotiations with the EU, a number of issues concerning London, its people, and our future relationship with other EU states are set to gain further clarity.

Such issues include the effects that Brexit might have on the economic security, and social arrangements between the UK and Ireland.

The possible impact of Brexit on this relationship has been well-documented, and not just during the referendum itself. Yet the impact goes far beyond just discussion of the border. It is estimated that as many as 6m people living in the UK have an Irish grandfather or grandmother. In London, nearly 200,000 people claim to be Irish. As such, the human element – along with matters including security and economics – matter.



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