Philip Davies MP sends a message to Remoaners in Parliament

Watch Freedom Association Council member Philip Davies give a message to Remoaners in Parliament in the form of a question to the Prime Minister.  Continue reading

Anna Soubry's attack on Caroline Flint says everything you need to know about some Remainers

Yesterday's speech of the day was without a doubt delivered by Caroline Flint, the Labour MP for Don Valley. You can watch it here. During that speech she was heckled by Anna Soubry who shouted "shame" at her across the chamber because Flint said, referring to EEA membership, that Michel Barnier would "bite off the Prime Minister’s hand for that deal, because apart from leaving without any deal, it is the worst deal for the United Kingdom." Later in her speech, she said: "Those of my constituents who voted leave have been insulted, day in and day out, by comments made in the place and outside. They are not against all migration, but they want a sense that we can turn the tap on and off when we choose to do so." Continue reading

Why Article 13 of the EU's draft Copyright Directive should be scrapped

Article 13 of the EU's draft Copyright Directive will literally destroy the Internet as we know it. I am not exaggerating. Even by EU standards it is draconian, and MEPs will vote on this directive next week.  From mandatory filtering to link taxes, this is frightening in its scope. It will make it almost impossible to produce memes. Most of the articles on this website would fail the test, as links to other news websites would have to be paid for. Who can afford to pay these fees? We certainly can't, and neither can the average blogger. Only large news organisations will be able to.  Continue reading

Tory MP reports "abusive" pensioner to the Police

Pensioner Linda Banahan wrote to Eddisbury Conservative Association, and out of courtesy, copied-in her MP, Antionette Sandbach. ‘I hope the Eddisbury Conservatives will seriously consider deselecting her [Sandbach] for such a selfish and self-centred betrayal of the party and country', she said. She also commented, unsurprisingly, that she could no longer vote for Sandbach because of her disloyalty to Theresa May and the Conservative Party.  They are hardly abusive words, but the reply that Mrs. Banahan received from Sandbach was astonishing.  Continue reading

Will you sponsor a 'Better Off Out' Street Stall?

We may not have the £billions of Soros, but what we have is passion. It was that passion and sheer hard work that won us the referendum in 2016. But because the forces of Remain have united to thwart the largest democratic vote in the history of our great country, we need to roll-up our sleeves and fight again for Brexit. Once again, The Freedom Association is taking the lead. We plan to hold street stalls to raise awareness of why we voted Leave on 23rd June 2016. We intend to galvanise Leave voters to put pressure on their MPs to ensure we have a proper Brexit - not Brexit in name only. In the coming weeks we will be visiting Loughborough to talk to Nicky Morgan’s constituents. We will also be in Totes (Sarah Wollaston), Broxtowe (Anna Soubry), and a raft of Labour seats that voted solidly to leave, but have Remainer MPs who want to render the Leave vote meaningless.   Continue reading