Are the UK & EU about to agree a "Security Pact" this week with reconfirmation of the European Arrest Warrant?

The following is a guest post by Torquil Dick-Erikson, a journalist specialising comparative criminal procedure From the Daily Express, published on 18th July 2020: "David Frost is understood to be eyeing his first breakthrough in the future relationship negotiations after holding talks with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier in Brussels. The pair agreed to put added emphasis on Britain’s future security pact with the EU as a potential landing zone for an agreement emerged. The two sides will hold four separate sessions on “law enforcement and judicial cooperation” as the Capital hosts its first ever round of negotiations with Brussels." [emphasis added] Continue reading

Romania Country Report: Is Romania a Failing State?

We are today publishing a joint report by Andrew Allison of The Freedom Association and Lisl Biggs-Davison of the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies (CRCE). In "Romania Country Report: Is Romania a Failing State" we highlight that thirty years on from the end of Ceausescu’s communist regime, Romania continues to disport a unique and wide-ranging combination of failings that when presented together represent a huge challenge both domestically within the country and to the EU.  Click HERE to read it  In 2020, Romania remains a country in which its showpiece national anti-corruption agency, the DNA, has itself not only used forgery, fabrication and intimidation against those it has often arbitrarily singled out for targeting but also it has been used as a proxy for the domestic intelligence service, the SRI, that has purposefully undermined the judiciary by using widespread and unconstitutional infiltration, influence and intimidation. Continue reading

The Freedom Association responds to the Government's announcement on the compulsory wearing of face coverings in shops and supermarkets

Commenting on the Government's announcement on the compulsory wearing of face masks in shops and supermarkets, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns of The Freedom Association, said:  "The messaging from the Government on the wearing of face coverings has been inconsistent and confusing. On 3rd April, at the height of the pandemic, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jonathan Van-Tam said that 'there is no evidence that general wearing of the face masks by the public who are well affects the spread of the disease.' What has changed?  Continue reading

The Freedom Association responds to the Chancellor's Summer Economic Update

  Commenting on Rishi Sunak's Summer Economic Update, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns of The Freedom Association, said:  "The furlough scheme was welcome when it was introduced in March, but the Chancellor is right to end it. It can only be a temporary measure, but paying employers £1,000 to take back furloughed employees will only delay the inevitable for many businesses.  Continue reading

Rugby Club bans man for life for criticising Black Lives Matter

By Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns On Monday, I wrote about Nick Buckley, the former CEO of the charity Mancunian Way (which he founded) who had been summarily fired from his job by the trustees for criticising the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. And today I have a story which has been reported in the Welsh press about a man who did something similar and has now been told by his local rugby that he is no longer welcome.  Wales Online doesn't reveal the name of the man, however, a quick Google search produced the "offending" tweet.  Continue reading