Will the lockdown create a mortality and morbidity burden far greater than Covid itself?

The following article was written by Dr. Timothy Tomkinson, a medical doctor.  All governments have an unenviable job. Balancing the immediate and very visual deaths of Covid with the longer-term morbidity and mortality of government policy is an impossible equation and it will be many years from now if we ever know what was right. The precautionary principle suggests we should err on the side of caution, however there are a number of unknown variables about which we are prognosticating. When some of these are known, it may be shown that the lock down was the right thing to do. However, the opposite may very well be true as well. Continue reading

The Freedom Association's response to the Coronavirus Bill

The Government will today start to rush through emergency measures in the Coronavirus Bill. It is expected to pass all stages in the House of Commons today. The House of Lords will debate the Bill tomorrow and Wednesday. COVID-19 is a national and international crisis. In these extreme times, extreme measures can be justified. It is clear from reports over the weekend that many people are ignoring medical advice to stay indoors, or, if they leave home, distance themselves from others. Those who are acting selfishly and irresponsibly are making it easy for those who advocate draconian measures to get their way.  Continue reading

Is the Culture Secretary ready to fight the BBC?

Oliver Dowden (pictured left), the new Culture Secretary, gave a speech at the Enders Media and Telecoms Conference yesterday. He told the audience that "in the coming years we will of course be taking a proper look at our public service broadcasting system and the BBC’s central role within it." He also said that we need to consider three questions. Does the BBC truly reflect all of our nation and is it close to the British people? Does the BBC guard its unique selling point of impartiality in all of its output? Is the BBC ready to embrace proper reform to ensure its long term sustainability for the decades ahead? Continue reading

The Law Commission to undertake a review of the legislation related to hate crime.

Lord Vinson, The Freedom Association's Patron, recently asked the Government in a written Parliamentary Question "what plans they have, if any, to review the definition used by the Crown Prosecution Service and the National Police Chiefs’ Council to identify religiously motivated incidents or crimes, in particular regard to the relevance of section 29J of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006". Here is the answer given by Baroness Williams of Trafford, a Home Office Minister: Continue reading

Boris Johnson is about to make a second major mistake since the general election

Boris Johnson is about to give HS2 the green light. This is despite ballooning costs (over £100 billion and counting); despite evidence from France and Spain that the major city hubs (Paris and Madrid respectively) benefit  far more from high speed rail, which in turn means that London will suck in more investment and regional English cities will not benefit by as much as some would have you believe; despite the fact that most people will not benefit; despite the environmental damage that will be inflicted on those areas which will not benefit. I could go on.  In a recent article in the Sunday Telegraph, Simon Heffer observed: Continue reading