The Freedom Association responds to the Conservative Party Manifesto

The Conservative manifesto launched earlier today is a document that tries to please everyone. Economically, it is a definite lurch to the left. There are commitments to the national living wage and more workers’ rights. There are attacks on businesses with the Government thinking it is its job to interfere in executive pay, and new powers to effectively block any takeover of a UK company from overseas investors.  Continue reading

The Freedom Association responds to the ‘economically illiterate’ draft Labour Manifesto

Responding to the leak of the Labour Party’s draft manifesto, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns for The Freedom Association, said: “If implemented, this economically illiterate draft Labour manifesto would be disastrous for the UK’s economy. It would certainly send us back to 1970s working practices where union bosses call the shots and the ordinary workers they are supposed to represent are used as pawns in a wider political war against capitalism.   Continue reading

The UK should be prepared to walk away from Brexit talks and call the EU’s bluff

This article was originally posted yesterday on my personal blog Throughout the EU Referendum campaign, I said that reverting to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules would not be disastrous. Indeed, as the respected economist, Ruth Lea, has pointed out, the UK would thrive under WTO rules.   Continue reading

The Metropolitan Police and security services did a fantastic job in Westminster yesterday

When the police gets it wrong, they are rightly criticised, but when they get it right, few seem to come forward to offer their praise. I would like to put on the record on behalf of The Freedom Association our grateful thanks to the police and security services who foiled a potential terrorist attack in central London yesterday. After witnessing their professionalism, I for one feel safer. Continue reading

Goodbye, Dr. Murthy. You won't be missed by vapers

On 7 April, I wrote this about Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the then U.S. Surgeon General:  "The fact that they are at least 95 per cent safer than combustible tobacco appears lost on Dr. Murthy. He has also concluded that exposure to second hand vapour is harmful, despite studies proving the opposite. Of all the things that young people could mixed up with, e-cigarettes are likely to be the least harmful. Although I am not advocating the use of tobacco or nicotine, the elephant in the room is that if e-cigarettes did not exist, many of those young Americans who have tried them would have gone on to smoke cigarettes. He should be grateful that this is not happening and that those young Americans who have tried e-cigarettes are not experimenting with much more dangerous drugs. But these things are always lost on the evangelical proselytising purist. Their focus is so narrow that they completely fail to see the bigger picture.  Continue reading