The condescending Emily Maitlis just can't help herself

I gave up watching Newsnight on BBC Two years ago, pretty much at the same time as Jeremy Paxman hung up his boots. Rather like Channel 4 News, the presenters don't try to mask their metropolitan left-wing biases. Probably the most condescending (and humourless) of the lot of them is Emily Maitlis.  Continue reading

Sir Kim Darroch was right to resign, but there is a strong whiff of hypocrisy all round

The furore over Sir Kim Darroch's critical comments about Donald Trump have been polarised to such an extent that I haven't heard a sensible argument since the Mail on Sunday published his leaked missives. On one hand you have those saying that he in an embarrassment and has ruined the special relationship. Utter hyperbole. Then you have others saying that we shouldn't let Donald Trump dictate who our ambassador is and that Sir Kim should have stayed in post. The truth is somewhere in the middle.  Continue reading

"Labour has betrayed its heartlands" 'Better Off Out' responds to Labour's decision to back a second referendum and campaign for Remain

Responding to the announcement this morning that the Labour Party now backs a second EU referendum and will campaign for Remain, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns, said: "Today's announcement is a betrayal of all those Leave voters who have stuck with the party through thick and thin, and is a betrayal of the promises the party made in its manifesto in 2017.  Continue reading

Brexit Briefing: Weekly Review - 28 June 2019

This is this week's weekly review sent to all members of The Freedom Association. If you would like to receive this in your inbox, along with many other member benefits including the Free Nation, a monthly newsletter exclusively for Freedom Association members, Sunday Best, our weekly newsletter, and our daily Brexit Breifing, a round-up of Brexit related stories and opinions, please click here. Membership benefits also include advance notice and special rates for all our events around the country. The week started badly for Boris Johnson with another couple of days of headlines about the argument he had with his partner in their flat in Camberwell. Refusing to answer any questions about it at the Conservative Party hustings in Birmingham last Saturday didn't help.  Continue reading

NEW 'Axe the TV Tax' campaign video

We have just launched a new campaign video. Click below to watch it. And please share it with your family and friends.