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Anna Soubry's attack on Caroline Flint says everything you need to know about some Remainers

ZUl60S6j_(2).jpgYesterday's speech of the day was without a doubt delivered by Caroline Flint, the Labour MP for Don Valley. You can watch it here. During that speech she was heckled by Anna Soubry who shouted "shame" at her across the chamber because Flint said, referring to EEA membership, that Michel Barnier would "bite off the Prime Minister’s hand for that deal, because apart from leaving without any deal, it is the worst deal for the United Kingdom."

Later in her speech, she said:

"Those of my constituents who voted leave have been insulted, day in and day out, by comments made in the place and outside. They are not against all migration, but they want a sense that we can turn the tap on and off when we choose to do so."

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