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Romania Country Report: Is Romania a Failing State?

We are today publishing a joint report by Andrew Allison of The Freedom Association and Lisl Biggs-Davison of the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies (CRCE). In "Romania Country Report: Is Romania a Failing State" we highlight that thirty years on from the end of Ceausescu’s communist regime, Romania continues to disport a unique and wide-ranging combination of failings that when presented together represent a huge challenge both domestically within the country and to the EU. 

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In 2020, Romania remains a country in which its showpiece national anti-corruption agency, the DNA, has itself not only used forgery, fabrication and intimidation against those it has often arbitrarily singled out for targeting but also it has been used as a proxy for the domestic intelligence service, the SRI, that has purposefully undermined the judiciary by using widespread and unconstitutional infiltration, influence and intimidation.

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