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Possible threats to the UK's national security and to the security of every UK inhabitant from a security treaty with the EU

The following research by Torquil Dick-Erikson has been sent to the the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC). 

Here are some facts that we believe need to be brought to the attention of the ISC:

How many in government, at any level, are aware that the European Court of Human Rights declared that up to 5 years in prison awaiting, not just trial, but a prisoner's first appearance in a public hearing in open court, is perfectly legitimate, and a "reasonable time" under the Convention's article 6, because it believes that this preventive "detention ... is intended to facilitate the preliminary investigation"? This judgement, rejecting an application from an Italian against Italy, dates from the mid-eighties, but is now necessarily a part of that Court's jurisprudence, ie its settled doctrine, so is relevant today, and shows clearly that the Court and the Convention have no place for Habeas Corpus. See details in the second half of this article. 

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