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Pages tagged "fascism"

Anti-fascist thugs storm King's College London Libertarian Society meeting

Fascists can't tolerate anyone who has a different world view to them. They want their opponents no-platformed. In their crusade, they don't want anyone with whom they disagree to have a voice. If their political opponents get injured or worse, then so be it, because they are vermin. 

What I have described above are also the tactics of the so-called anti-fascists, but they can't see the irony. And so last night a group calling themselves "London Antifa" stormed into a meeting of the Libertarian Society at King's College London. It was a successful raid for them as they managed to shut down the meeting. Job done. Fascism 1, Free Speech 0. 

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Max Mosley tries to erase history

Max Mosley is trying to erase history. He wants all references to the German-themed sadomasochistic orgy involving him and five prostitutes removing from newspapers. Mosley (through a family trust) also bankrolls Impress, the only approved state press regulator. But he doesn't want you to know that. In future he wants newspapers banned saying he bankrolls Impress. If the words "approved state press regulator" doesn't send an uncomfortable chill up your spine, then Mosley bankrolling it should. 

Lest we forget, Mosley is the son of Oswald Mosley, leader of the former British Union of Fascists. He got married in 1936 to his second wife, Diana Mitford, in the glorious setting of Joseph Goebbels's home. To make the day even more special, Adolf Hitler was present. Oswald Mosley had very robust views about the free press. He hated it. And some of that hatred has rubbed off on his son. For to attempt to erase history and to attempt to force newspaper to stop reporting the truth, can only be described as a form of fascism. Daddy would be proud. What a chip off the old block! 

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