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Can you help 'Free Speech Ireland' oppose the Hate Speech Bill?

By Andrew Allison, Chief Executive

The ‘Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill’ in Ireland (commonly known as the ‘Hate Speech Bill’) is a pernicious piece of legislation which, if enacted, will seriously curb Irish citizens’ right to free speech and freedom of expression.  Campaign group, Free Speech Ireland, is opposing this Bill. We at The Freedom Association fully support them. Click here to find out more, and, importantly, how you can help. 

This is also a warning to those of us in the UK. Free speech is in crisis in this country. Most people no longer feel that they are free to express themselves in the way they could just a few years ago. Cancel culture is a growing problem - a subject which we discussed at a groundbreaking conference held in Westminster on 24th October 2023. 

Please take action. Don’t allow politicians in the UK, Ireland, and across the world take away our freedoms, which were hard won, but are easily lost.