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The Freedom Association welcomes the new UK/Australian trade deal

The Freedom Association welcomes the new UK/Australian trade deal announced yesterday. David Campbell Bannerman, Chairman of The Freedom Association, a former MEP and international trade expert, said:

"The Australian deal cements our strong natural bonds with our great Aussie friends. It is good news for UK car, whisky and ceramics producers, for our vital services industry, for UK professions whose qualifications will be recognised there, for UK consumers, and our young people - they get new opportunities to travel to Australia for longer."


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Notes for Editors

1. The Freedom Association is a non-partisan, centre-right, classically liberal campaign group. We believe in the freedom of the individual in all aspects of life to as great an extent as possible. As such, we seek to challenge all erosion of civil liberties and campaign in support of individual liberty and freedom of expression. Visit our website:

2. The Freedom Association launched its Better Off Out campaign in 2006. More information here:

New poll reveals that a clear majority want a clean break from the EU

A new poll from Global Britain shows that a clear majority favour a clean break from the EU. Brian Monteith, a Freedom Association Council member and the Director of Communications at Global Britain, told me that "while there is no absolute majority (50%+1) for any position it is clear that Canada+/No Deal/WTO (or a combination of them) would command a majority of support were they to be the outcome". 

He also said:

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