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Evil be thou my good

The following is a guest post by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Hon. Chaplain of The Freedom Association.

Peter_Mullen_(2).pngHow low can we sink? What’s the worst thing we can do? How deep are the depths of depravity? Let me offer a definition of the vilest depravity: it is when we deliberately choose to invert all our values, despise goodness and say, “Evil, be thou my good!” I’ve made all this sound so very abstract, but this week we have a practical, real-life example…

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Dead burglar's family & friends are deliberately intimidating residents and the Osborn-Brooks. They must be stopped now

I was pleased to read this morning that finally the shrine to dead career criminal Henry Vincent has been officially removed. But instead of the Metropolitan Police removing it, they left the job to Lewisham Council. This highlights the Met's priorities in this case. It would rather pander to a criminal traveller family than do the job it's tasked to do. 

Mr. and Mrs. Osborn-Brooks can't return to their home in Hither Green. It is too dangerous for them. They are instead being protected in a safe house. Now Vincent's family are going to splash out £100,000 on his funeral, including £50,000 on flowers. Who said that crime doesn't pay? It pays very well for these scumbags. 

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Mourning a career criminal

If you want a snapshot of what is wrong with policing in this country, cast your gaze on Hither Green. This was where career criminal, Henry Vincent, was fatally stabbed last week with the screwdriver he intended to use on pensioner, Richard Osborn-Brooks. 

After a tragic accident, I can understand why the family and friends of a deceased person would erect a shrine near the spot they had been killed. But for the family of Henry Vincent to erect a shrine in his memory opposite the house he was burgling at the time he was stabbed in an act of self defence on Mr. Osborn-Brooks behalf, is sickening.

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