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Midwives should be able to conscientiously object to abortions and not be forced to supervise them

If you decide to become a midwife you do so because you want to assist mothers in bringing new life into the world. The reason you become a midwife is not to end life, but that's what midwives are expected to do. 

Mary Doogan has delivered around 5,000 babies in a career that lasted three decades. She was devoted to her job. She described it as a vocation. She is also a devout Catholic, therefore she is opposed to abortion. But you don't have to be a Catholic to hold that position. As Mary rightly points out, you could be a Jew or an atheist and still oppose abortion. As long as people are not forcing their views on others, everyone in a free society should respect the views of others and not force them to do something which in all conscience they cannot do. 

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