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The Freedom Association offers support to Nigel Farage

For immediate release 

Andrew Allison, Chief Executive of The Freedom Association, has issued the following statement in support of Nigel Farage: 

“Nigel Farage has not only had his bank account closed by Coutts because of his political views - views shared by millions of people in the UK, he has also been refused an account by ten other banks. 

"The Freedom Association not only offers its support to Nigel Farage, it is also calling for the Government to ensure that banks who act in a similar way to Coutts are dealt with appropriately. 

"What has happened to Mr Farage is a direct threat to free speech and is completely unacceptable in a free society. Action is required."



To arrange broadcast interviews, please contact:

Andrew Allison
Chief Executive 
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07803 741104 


The Freedom Association (TFA) is a non-partisan, centre-right, classically liberal pressure group. We believe in the freedom of the individual in all aspects of life to as great an extent as possible. As such, we seek to challenge all erosion of civil liberties and campaign in support of individual liberty, freedom of expression, and free markets. 

WATCH Nigel Farage speak about the greatest threats to freedom today

Delivering the fourth annual Jillian Becker Lecture on Friday 4th February 2022, Nigel Farage delivered a speech about the greatest threats to freedom today.

After successfully leading UKIP and the Brexit Party, Nigel now has his own show on GB News. A great defender of freedom, he continues to be one of the most influential political voices in the UK. The lecture was held at the Victory Services Club in London.

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