The Freedom Association fully supports the measures announced in the Prime Minister's statement on Russia

Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns at The Freedom Association, said:

"Anyone who believes in freedom and the rule of law will support the measures announced by the Prime Minister today. Putin's regime cares only for its own freedom to torture, murder, embezzle, and interfere in the affairs of other countries. 

"No-one in the UK wants a return to the cold war, however, Russia's actions must have consequences. The security of every country in the world is at risk if we do not take firm action and send a clear message that the use of chemical weapons on the streets of Britain will not be tolerated under any circumstances."



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  • Mike Kennedy
    commented 2018-03-15 19:50:54 +0000
    I don’t disagree with the position taken by the TFA but I ask you this.
    One man was murdered in Salisbury, almost certainly by the Russian State, thousands and thousands of children have been raped and trafficked by gangs of muslim men all over the country.
    The only reason more people have not been murdered by islamists is because of the astonishing efficiency of our security services.
    Mrs May today visited Salisbury, how many of the trafficked children did she visit?
    How many of the victims of recent terrorist attacks did she visit?

    I have shifted my stance on Russia, it is almost certainly a gangster state (but no more than China, and less than Saudi Arabia, our alleged ally) but I do not feel threatened by Russia, I do feel threatened by the EU, the British state, and their love affair with islam.
    And it’s interesting that not one anti Islam speaker has been invited to the upcoming Freedom Festival, there are some remarkably good and courageous speakers to choose from.
    Best wishes.
  • Andrew Allison
    commented 2018-03-14 19:42:49 +0000
    i hope you will reconsider, Philip. I am anti-Putin, and for good reasons. I’m against nerve agents being used on the streets of Britain. I’m also pro-democracy, something sorely lacking in Putin’s Russia. I’m also in favour of a free press, as opposed to state sanctioned murders of journalists. I don’t have a fear of Russia, which I suppose is the definition of Russophobia, but the free world has something to fear in Putin.