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The Freedom Association responds to the ERG's 'Star Chamber' report on The Windsor Framework

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Responding to the verdict given by the 'Star Chamber' of the European Research Group, chaired by Sir William Cash MP, Andrew Allison, Chief Executive of The Freedom Association, said:

"This analysis of The Windsor Framework proves that instead of being a game changer for Northern Ireland leading to the restoration of power sharing government, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Nothing fundamental has changed. 

"The green lane isn't really a green lane, the so-called 'Stormont Brake' is virtually useless, and the EU will still be calling the shots in Northern Ireland. This is completely unacceptable. Northern Ireland is firmly part of the United Kingdom and cannot be left behind because it is politically convenient for politicians in Westminster.

"Radical reform is needed - not tinkering around the edges" 



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The Freedom Association (TFA) is a non-partisan, centre-right, classically liberal pressure group. We believe in the freedom of the individual in all aspects of life to as great an extent as possible. As such, we seek to challenge all erosion of civil liberties and campaign in support of individual liberty, freedom of expression, and free markets.

Launched in 2006, The Freedom Association's 'Better Off Out' campaign sought to promote the reasons why the UK would be better off outside of the European Union. 

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