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Will you become a member of The Freedom Association today and help us fight for Brexit?

There has never been a more important time to become a member of The Freedom Association. As reported in today's Daily Mail, Best for Britain, a pro-Remain campaign group backed by George Soros, has already amassed a war chest of £2.4 million, and plans to raise a total of £5.6 million in the coming months. 

It is intent on putting pressure on the unions to change Labour's Brexit position. That would be disastrous. They are going to hammer home the false message that Brexit is a security risk. It's army of supporters will write letters to local newspapers blaming just about any local calamity on Brexit. They plan to organise a "Labour against Brexit" speaking tour. They will also aggressively lobby MPs to vote down a final deal in October and back a "people's vote", conveniently ignoring the fact that we had one of those on 23 June 2016. 

We should not underestimate these people. They are dangerous. Even if they fail to thwart Brexit, they could very easily land us with Brexit in name only. What we have to do is step up our campaigning. We have to target the pro-Brexit seats of those Conservative MPs who are rebelling against the Government on the EU Withdrawal Bill. We have to target the seats of Labour Remainer MPs whose constituents voted strongly for Brexit. We have to match fire with fire. If we don't, we are not going to attain the Brexit we all want. We may not even get Brexit at all. It really is that stark.

Please help us fight for Brexit by becoming a member today. Standard membership costs £30 a year. Seniors - £20 a year. Students (under 25s only) - £5 a year.

You will receive the Free Nation, a monthly newsletter exclusively for Freedom Association members and Sunday Best, our weekly newsletter. You will also receive Brexit at Noon, our daily round-up of Brexit related stories and opinions. Membership benefits also include advance notice and special rates for all our events around the country. 

With a proper Brexit hanging by a thread, please join us in our fight against those whose intent is to thwart the largest democratic vote in the history of our country. 

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