Andrew Allison, our Campaign Manager, writing for the Yorkshire Post, highlights how the Environment Agency is putting East Coast fishermen out of business, and looks at what can be done to rein in the executive and its executive agencies.

EVERY government promises a bonfire of the quangos. Yet, just like cockroaches after a nuclear blast, they are still there and they start breeding again.

This is not to say that all quangos are bad and that they don’t do a better job than their previous incarnations.

In my experience, English Heritage (and I say this as a member of the National Trust) does a great job and rivals the National Trust in the way it manages and promotes properties and sites of cultural and historical importance.

It is certainly much better than when these properties and sites were managed by the former Ministry of Public Building and Works.

Other quangos though slip through the net of public consciousness. How many people have heard of the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles? Not many, I bet, yet this quango has a budget of £900m of our money. Is it any wonder we still have such a large budget deficit?

One quango that has been constantly in the news of late is the Environment Agency. Leaving to one side the recent flooding and the criticism of the agency that has ensued, its remit stretches much further and wider than dredging rivers in flood plains. A recent example is shore fishing.

Shore fishing is thought to be unique to the fishermen of the East Coast. Nets are put out on the beach at low tide and are collected again at the next low tide. Former defence secretary Michael Portillo visited Bridlington as part of his Great British Railway Journeys series of programmes for the BBC.

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Yesterday a protest took place in London in response to the “Women Who Eat On Tubes” Facebook group – the page contained unsolicited photographs of women eating on the London Underground network, alongside comments from those who had viewed the pictures.

While the concern expressed about this website is entirely understandable, this should not [...]

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Nigel Evans MP, who was acquitted of all charges laid against him last week, is now left with a legal bill of around £130,000. Many MPs have been quoted on how wrong they think this is. One of them is Col. Bob Stewart in this interview on the BBC Daily Politics last [...]

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Commenting on this announcement, Rory Broomfield, Director of The Freedom Association, said:

“The Freedom Association has now withdrawn its support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office led Balance of Competences Review because of the way it has been handled along with the recent developments over Iain Mansfield’s reported censorship. We view this as a vote of [...]

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The Freedom Association is always delighted to support those parliamentarians who have made a contribution to freedom and liberty, regardless of the political party of which they are a member.

Each week either an MP, MEP or Peer is chosen and awarded the accolade of ‘Parliamentarian of the Week’ in recognition of their valuable work.


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