If ignorance was an Olympic Sport, Glasgow City Council's vaping policy could secure it a gold medal

I published a major report last year on behalf of The Freedom Association's Freedom to Vape campaign which looked at the vaping policies of all UK councils. The responses highlighted hundreds of outdated policies, so this year we have repeated the exercise and included a couple of extra questions to find out if councils are listening to advise from Public Health England (PHE) which was included in the Government's Tobacco Control Plan.  Continue reading

Pennsylvania's dead hand of the state

The father of modern economics, Adam Smith, spoke of the invisible hand of the free market to describe the unintended social benefits of individual self-interested actions. With markets so heavily regulated now, the invisible hand is getting harder to spot. What we are more likely to see is the dead hand of the state intervening in markets, doing untold damage in its wake. This is what has happened in the US State of Pennsylvania.  Continue reading

Freedom to Vape welcomes Public Health England's endorsement of vaping in 'Stoptober'

Responding to the news that Public Health England will be endorsing vaping products in its Stoptober campaign for the first time, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns at The Freedom Association, said: "Whilst we do not think that smokers should be forced to quit, and should certainly not be treated like second class citizens, those who do wish to stop smoking are more likely to do so by vaping. It is encouraging that Public Health England has backed up its previous advice by formally endorsing e-cigarettes in its Stoptober campaign for the first time.  Continue reading

Freedom to Vape calls for vaping carriages on trains and vaping areas in railway stations

On 15 August I published a Freedom of Information request I sent to the British Transport Police regarding the number of people interviewed under caution for vaping on trains and in railway stations. We received a reply this week.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPLY I understand why the request was refused, however, the additional information provided shows that vaping on trains and in railway stations is not a criminal offence. You may be breaking a condition of carriage, but vaping in an enclosed space is a perfectly legal activity which is not covered by railway byelaws. Continue reading

Another low for the tobacco control lobby in the United States

Many cities in the United States are raising the age to purchase tobacco products to 21 years. Some of the rhetoric coming out of the groups campaigning for draconian legislation would be at home in a totalitarian state. It's not what you would expect (or shouldn't expect) from a country that likes to think that it leads the free world.  Detroit Lakes is one of those US cities contemplating raising the age, and supporters don't want to stop there. They are also "discussing exceeding state law in defining vaping as smoking, banning vaping where smoking is banned and removing the business owners right to choose, banning smoking/vaping patios, etc." Continue reading