These days will go down in history as the House of Lords at its worst

Lord Framlingham (Michael Lord, a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons) told his fellow Peers some home truths on Wednesday. And they didn't like it. When I was talking to our Patron Lord Vinson last week at our Freedom Forum in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I commented on how rude the House of Lords is these days. Two days ago, once again Remain Peers did their best to drown out a Brexit voice. 

Watch Lord Framlingham's excellent speech if you haven't done so already. It takes some guts to make a speech like this in the current House of Lords. 

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  • commented 2018-05-18 23:52:28 +0100
    Those who are proud to have a seat in the House of Lords for its benevolence and historical importance should recognise this Lords words, and those who do not have no place in the chamber. Self interest shown by them at its worst.