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LISTEN: Andrew Allison talks to Michael Graham on Talk Radio. "Ladies Lingerie!"

If you haven't heard about this, prepare yourself. We live in such a politically correct world that even the most harmless joke can mean you will lose your job and will be thrown into the outer darkness forever. 

Prof. Richard Ned Lebow, 76, was in a packed lift at a convention in San Francisco. When the bell on the lift sounded that it had reached a floor, Prof. Lebow said "ladies lingerie". It was classic "Are you being served?", the hit comedy series that used to air on BBC1. But Dr Simona Sharoni, a professor of women's and gender studies at Merrimack College, Massachusetts, and one of her colleagues didn't like the joke. And they weren't going to leave it there. 

They said that they were too stunned to make a comment at the time. Quite what there was to be stunned about is anyone's guess, but that hasn't stopped them reporting him to the International Studies Association (ISA) which staged the convention. The ISA has told Prof. Lebow that he has until Tuesday to apologise. Prof. Lebow has refused. 

Good on him. Why should he apologise? I couldn't give a damn whether or not she is offended. She should lock herself away and never come out of her home if she is offended by something as blatantly harmless as that joke. 

These people are taking over our world and are happy to destroy lives in their war against what they see as political incorrectness. 

Stick to your guns, Prof. Lebow. We support you. 

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