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Student Societies

University students are typically known for their love of leftism. Socialists, progressives and even out and out Marxists and anarchists rule the ideological roost of university campuses and wider academia. Conservatives, classical liberals, right-libertarians, and right leaning people of all varieties are crowded out and left adrift in the sea of university leftism. Well not anymore.

We invite you to start up your very own Freedom Society at your university today! Freedom Societies act as place where young, energetic, and intelligent liberty loving students of all persuasions can meet, discuss ideas and the events of the day, and enjoy each other’s company.

Universities are restrictive in relation to freedom of speech. Well not Student Freedom Societies. Freedom Societies host weekly Pints and Policy events where a member of the society can stand up and give a fifteen to twenty-minute speech on whatever they see fit and take questions afterwards. Want to give a speech on the roots of English liberalism? You can! Want to talk about the importance of culture and the nation state! You can! Want to give a funny speech about why we should turn London into an independent city state? Well, you can do that too! No topic is off limits for Freedom Society. 

Freedom Societies also hold speaker events hosting speakers from across the right, from academics, to think tank gurus, to politicians to media personalities and many more. These events are a great way of networking with likeminded groups and people around the country and further as well as spreading the message of freedom at your university campus.  

But that is not all! Casual drinking socials like pub crawls and cocktail nights are also popular events to hold, as our termly dinners and internal debates about topics such as economics and foreign policy. Freedom Societies really have it all!

So if you wish to fight for liberty, free speech and nation at your university and desire to bring those of like mind together for some great events then start up a Freedom Society at your university today! 

Watch this short video, then contact Andrew Allison ([email protected]) and we will help you every step of the way.