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  • Mark Moran
    commented 2020-07-25 20:20:19 +0100
    Where is there a search facility so i can explore the website?
  • John Sampson
    commented 2020-01-30 11:45:09 +0000
    I was sorry to see in your paper that the Queen said “Why can’t we just leave?” It reminds me of “Let them eat cake”. The Brexit you want is like an amputation done by a butcher in the back of his shop, rather than by a surgical team. Theoretically, Brexit is a good idea, but I am not convinced that after 40 plus years of EU membership, the UK is now capable of independent functioning. Prove me wrong, please do!
  • Kerry Jones
    commented 2020-01-29 21:07:13 +0000
    Happy to be a member again after returning home. The TFA is a true bastion of our country.
  • John Sampson
    commented 2019-04-24 09:15:03 +0100
    Have received your magazine. Ashamed to read of your antics in Strasbourg. Singing the Marseillaise! The song of the French revolution which ended in terror and a bloodbath. In your rage over Brexit you seem to have become confused.