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The Ten Principles of a Free Society

The Freedom Association is a non-partisan, centre-right, classically liberal campaign group. We believe in the freedom of the individual in all aspects of life to as great an extent as possible. As such, we seek to challenge all erosion of civil liberties and campaign in support of individual liberty and freedom of expression.

But underpinning a free society is the rule of law, private property rights, strong democratic institutions, and a free press to hold our elected representatives to account. We also have to be prepared to fight for freedom and strong national defences are vital.

Our Ten Principles of a Free Society embodies all of the above. If you agree with us, please join us by becoming a member.

The Freedom Association's 'Ten Principles of a Free Society' 

  1. Individual Freedom
  2. Personal and Family Responsibility 
  3. The Rule of Law
  4. Limited Government
  5. Free Market Economy
  6. National Parliamentary Democracy
  7. Strong National Defences
  8. A free press and other media 
  9. Freedom of Religion and Belief
  10. Freedom of Speech, Expression and Assembly