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Meet the Team

Andrew Allison MCIJ – Chief Executive 

Allison-ALlison-profile1.jpgAndrew joined The Freedom Association as Campaign Manager in February 2014, having previously been National Grassroots Coordinator at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, where he oversaw a large increase in grassroots campaigning. He was promoted to Head of Campaigns in January 2015 and was appointed Chief Executive in September 2021. 

Born and raised in Co. Durham, Andrew has been interested in all things political from an early age, and first campaigned in the 1987 General Election. In October 2013, a report he authored revealed the alarming number of councils in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who were preventing members of the public recording and reporting at council meetings. The report was cited by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, which then led to a change in the law.

He now lives near Beverley in East Yorkshire and, prior to becoming a full-time political campaigner, he ran his own driving school business for over ten years.

He tweets at @Andrew_Allison.


William Yarwood - Digital Media Officer

William grew up in North East Wales but never particularly cared about politics until he was 15 where, after listening to the likes of Nigel Farage, began to become more and more concerned about European Union and the danger it posed to Britain.

Due to him growing up in a Labour background he had a brief period in the Labour party before coming across the works of Ayn Rand and Thomas Sowell whereby he quickly came to realise that individual responsibility, free markets and less government was what was needed to enable Britain to get back up on it's feet. He considers himself a socially and culturally conservative libertarian and isn't loyal to one political party. 

He is currently at the University of Exeter studying History and has been the Publicity Secretary of the University of Exeter Freedom Society since spring 2019 where he makes sure that the social media of the society is up to date and active as well as designing a plethora of art and graphics for the society to use as well.

He tweets at @YarwoodWilliam