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Brexit at Noon: Remainers are chicken

Everywhere in the establishment news today (The Times, BBC Radio 4's Today Programme etc) there seems to be endless copy / talk about the possibility of chlorinated chicken being sold in the UK as a result of a UK-US trade deal. For many people reading / listening to this, there would be confusion over just how so many people could suddenly become experts on chicken. 

Now, I don't profess to be an expert on chicken. However, I do think it odd that so many people have become obsessed with it when discussing the UK-US trade deal and not the potential £40 billion boost - across sectors - that the deal could bring. Before people say it, I'm not trying to belittle food standards or animal welfare, nor am I a shill for the American poultry industry. What I'm merely saying is that I think it's odd so many people would seek to disrupt, derail or even stop all together a deal that could bring so many benefits to the UK, including in relation to consumer choice, on the back of what they think other people should eat. 
This is a mindset that is dominating the political environment. What I call the 'I know best brigade'. It is undermining the very constructive and positive work that government ministers like Liam Fox are doing to bring huge benefits to the UK post Brexit.    
There seems to be though genuine fear (in some quarters) that chlorinated chicken would compromise food standards. For those that believe this, I hope you will read some articles from Tim Worstall and Matt Kilcoyne. For us all, I believe we can keep the food standards and welfare of our own production whilst offering the choice of others. Genuine competition and choice. 
What I do fear though is that many remainers - aided by the Guardian, the BBC and the FT etc. - are mobilising against the positive work that is being done on Brexit so as to change public perceptions over what are clear advantages of leaving the European Union.  To help us combat this I ask you to donate to our  Stop Blair CampaignDoing so will help us explain the positives of a full and clean Brexit - and help keep the positive reasons for leaving the EU in people's minds.   
Please help secure a full Brexit by donating to our Stop Blair Campaign. This is a new campaign launched alongside this daily email, sent exclusively to members of The Freedom Association and sign ups to Better Off Out. If you would prefer to receive the weekly email - with a round up of the news - instead, please email [email protected] to let me know.

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