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Generation Snowflake

Freedom Association Council Member, Daniel Hannan MEP, had an excellent op-ed in the Telegraph over the weekend. Here is part of it:

"The elevation of passive-aggressive victimhood has spread with astonishing rapidity over the past three years from American campuses to those in Britain, Canada and Australia. Yet it remains largely unknown in Europe, let alone further afield." 

Dan finishes by saying:

"Four hundred years ago, heresy meant challenging the teaching of the Church. Today, it means questioning the received dogmas on diversity and equality.

"We are abandoning the empiricism and tolerance that underpin the Enlightenment, and returning to the older notion of judging an idea on the basis of whether the speaker is from our own tribe – though “tribe” is now defined by political and cultural affinities.

"How can we pull out of the nosedive? In the long term, we should be readier to let our kids play unsupervised. Let them devise their own games, set their own rules, work out what to do if they gash a knee. In the shorter term, the leaders of our universities need to be prepared to defend free speech, in letter and in spirit. And in the immediate term? Well, reading Haidt and Lukianoff’s book would be a start."

The book Dan is referring to is this one. I have just bought a copy. In the meantime, read Dan's article in full

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