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COMMENT: Italian rebellion, a second front in Brexit's battle with EU elites

Simon Richards, Chief Executive of The Freedom Association, has written an article for Euro News about the Italian president’s decision to reject the verdict the Italian people gave in March's election.

The Italian president’s decision to reject the verdict the Italian people gave in March's election has done more than simply create a major political crisis in Italy; it has opened up a second front against an EU elite which had been concentrating on fighting Brexit’s threat to its comfortable existence. The British Government ought, as Jacob Rees-Mogg, the spokesman for the European Reform Group of Conservative Party MP has pointed out, to be negotiating from a position of strength, given that the United Kingdom is a massive net contributor to the EU coffers and imports vastly more from the EU than it exports. So far, Theresa May has felt either unwilling or unable to demonstrate even a small fraction of the negotiating strength that Margaret Thatcher once brought to the table. The Italian crisis should encourage the British prime minister to stand up to Michel Barnier’s bullying tactics and to take advantage of the EU’s new difficulties.

There is much talk of populism - it has become synonymous with democracy. The EU is not just deeply undemocratic, taking power as far away from the people as possible; it is fundamentally anti-democratic because it is designed to prevent national elections from having the power to influence events. 




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