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Justin Trudeau has become a dictator

By Andrew Allison, Chief Executive

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”

I was reminded of those words by George Orwell after reading about Justin Trudeau's response to the truckers' protests in Canada, which has truly shocked the world.

The Emergencies Act replaced the War Measures Act. The latter was last used by Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre, after multiple bombings and the kidnapping and murder of a cabinet minister. In other words, a genuine emergency. But the truckers' protests have been peaceful, no matter how hard Trudeau tries to pretend otherwise.

if anyone or any business is suspected of being involved in the protests, under the Emergencies Act, bank accounts can be frozen without a court order. Ordinary citizens who have made small donations to help the truckers face this draconian sanction. The Government can force businesses to provide services against their will. The Government can now ban protests and travel. 

Last week, Trudeau described a female Jewish Conservative MP of standing with "people who wave swastikas". If he wants to start using Nazi analogies, I am sure those opposing him can come up with a few themselves about him! 

What is abundantly clear is that the ongoing restrictions and mandates in Canada have nothing to do with Covid. The fraud has been exposed and around two-thirds of Canadians want restrictions to end. Instead of dealing with the root cause of the protests, Trudeau is now ruling by force. Although I have never had any time for this woke warrior, I never thought two years ago that he would become a dictator. 

This will not end well, and although the next federal elections are not due until 2025, unless Trudeau decides he is going to rejoin the free world, his days as the Canadian Prime Minister must be numbered.

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