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Liam Fox criticises BBC for negative Brexit reporting

In the House of Commons this morning, Nigel Evans, Conservative MP for Ribble Valley, asked Dr. Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, the following question: 

"I think that the potential for trade with Commonwealth countries is very exciting—they are growing and strong economies—but every time I open a newspaper or listen to the radio or TV, the story is presented very negatively, as though it will be almost impossible for us to do these trade deals. Does the Secretary of State feel that that is wrong, and that it undermines the work he is doing?"

Dr. Fox replied: 

"It does appear that some elements of our media would rather see Britain fail than see Brexit succeed. I cannot recall a single time recently when I have seen good economic news that the BBC has not described as being 'despite Brexit'." 

Earlier this week, a meeting took place between MPs and James Harding, Head of News, at the BBC. Those MPs complained that the BBC's Brexit coverage was negative and biased against the UK leaving the EU. 

If we want to watch live television, we must pay a licence fee to the BBC. The least we can expect is fair and balanced coverage of all news stories. The pressure is mounting on the BBC to change its ways. 

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