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87 per cent of UK councils are ignoring advice from Public Heath England (November 2016)

In the first report of its kind, The Freedom Association asked every council in the UK what its policies are on staff using e-cigarettes. The results showed that 87 per cent of those who responded) have the same (or effectively the same) policy on vaping as they do on smoking and that one – the London Borough of Enfield – allows vaping indoors and actively encourages staff to vape instead of smoking combustible tobacco, in line with recommendations from Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians.

Why the UK should reform or Exit the European Arrest Warrant: Problems and Excesses of the Romanian Anti-Corruption Fight (September 2016)

As the Government looks to ensure that “Brexit means Brexit”, The Freedom Association published this report, along with the Economic Policy Centre and the Hampden Trust, with support from numerous Parliamentarians including Lords Vinson, Stoddart, Swinfen, Sammy Wilson MP and others including Alex Deane CC, Dr. Adrian Hilton PhD and the Rev Dr. Peter Mullen PhD. The research illustrates why the UK should not ignore non-economic issues in its renegotiation with the EU.

Magna Carta Today by Ewen Stewart (Second edition, Softback: September 2015)

Receiving its second printing, Magna Carta Today in paper back edition was sent to every maintained secondary school in England and Wales. It was published by the Hampden Trust in association with The Freedom Association with the kind support of the Global Philanthropic Society.

Magna Carta Today by Ewen Stewart (Hardback: June 2015)

Written by the economist and author, Ewen Stewart, Magna Carta Today uses a new translation of Magna Carta, combined with an analysis of its importance in the modern work, to help raise the level of education over the fundamental values of the English legal system. It was published by the Hampden Trust in association with The Freedom Association with the kind support of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies.

Torquil Dick-Erikson: Magna Carta and Europe – Yesterday & Today (April 2015)

An assessment of how legal structures in the UK have changed from Magna Carta onwards.

Opinion of  Jonathan Fisher, QC on the UK opting back into the European Arrest Warrant (October 2014)

Advise given to The Freedom Association’s Honory President, Christopher Gill, one whether the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (“EPPO”) will significantly enlarge the circumstances in which a European Arrest Warrant (“EAW”) can be issued and executed in a member State which has opted out of the EPPO project.

Better Off Out briefings ahead of the European Elections (May 2014):

The Better Off Out campaign has compiled a number of reports on the cost of living, energy, immigration and research and development. These reports were made to aid the discussion over the UK’s membership of the EU during the run up the European Elections in May 2014 and have been broken down into regions.

Freedom to Attract Trade and Investment (December 2013)

The Freedom Association and The Hampden Trust illustrate how investment is being driven towards independent low-regulation economies and that investment in the UK is being put at risk by the UK’s continued EU membership.

Why We Should Opt-Out: Evidence from the Better Off Out campaign (November 2013)

Jonathan Lindsell examines those European Union Police and Criminal Justice Measures into which the Home Office has indicated a desire to ‘opt in’. The evaluation focuses on measures with potential negative consequences for freedom, and measures which the United Kingdom would manage better outside of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) auspices – especially with regards to the European Arrest Warrant.

 Serious Risks (November 2013)

Torquil Dick-Erikson argues that Parliament should support the proposed opt-outs from the 135 justice measures that the UK is able to exempt itself from under the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon. He goes on to urge the government and Parliament not to opt back into any of them, and in particular to reject our continued subjection to the European Arrest Warrant.

Download “How the EU Effects UK Farming” (September 2013)

In this booklet, James (Jim) Barrington shows how the UK’s farming standards are amongst the highest in the world and yet, through other EU nations not adhering to legislation, the welfare of animals, the prosperity of UK farmers and even the health of consumers are being compromised.

Download “The EU’s Effects on the UK’s Place in the World” (August 2013)

Rory Broomfield shows that the UK is making a poor choice by allowing the EU to making choices for it in a new publication that examines the implications of the UK depending so much on the European Union for aid and, increasingly, diplomacy.

Download “Setting Business Free: Into The Global Economy” (July 2013)

Professor Patrick Minford CBE outlines why the continued problems associated with the euro-crisis means that the UK must now choose to leave the EU. In doing so, this book illustrates how the case for leaving the EU has now become “overwhelming”.

Download “‘Europe’ Doesn’t Work” (February 2013)

Tim Congdon CBE shows that British jobs won’t be at risk if the UK withdrew from the EU;  jobs depend on the continuation of trade and not on continued EU membership; and that repeated claims of job losses if the UK left the EU, made by EU supporters such as Nick Clegg MP, rest on a crucial misunderstanding about trade.

Download ‘The Ultimate Plan B: A Positive Vision of an independent Britain outside the EU’ (October 2nd 2011). David Campbell Bannerman MEP makes the case for a new relationship with the EU based on friendly trade, in the form of a UK/EU Free Trade Agreement, rather than political union.

Download Free the Airwaves – A review of the BBC and the Licence Fee (14th September 2011). Tom Waters calls for public service broadcasting to be re-focused as a true public service, to get rid of BBC bias, and to re-think how we go about funding PSB.

Download Freedom Fact Sheet – The National Minimum Wage (5th September 2011) This factsheet looks at the effects that minimum wages have had on the poorest in society in twenty European countries. It finds that the poor receive a smaller share of GDP when the minimum wage increases, and that we can best help the least well off by scrapping it.

Download Freedom Fact Sheet – Boost the stock market (24th August 2011) This factsheet provides statistical evidence that, if we want to up the stock market, increase much needed investment and stop reducing pension funds, we need to send the politicians on holiday – or at least get the government to credibly commit to a pro-business policy of reduced red tape and lower taxes.

Download Protection of Freedoms Bill: a review (19th March 2011) This is a report submitted to the Protection of Freedoms Public Bill Committee about the Government’s flagship Protection of Freedoms Bill, which aims to restore civil liberties which have been previously undermined. Our submission supports the Government’s attempts in three main areas, which are DNA, CCTV and the Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act 2000, but also suggests amendments to improve the legislation.

Download A Report on the 50p Tax (23rd March 2011) – Hasan Afzal, researcher at The Freedom Association, has written a report calling for the 50p tax rate to be abolished. The report clearly shows that the sentiments and foundations behind the 50p tax are to the detriment of entrepreneurship and innovation to the UK economy. Crucially, the tax has meant that business in Britain has become more difficult and more expensive to the risk-takers who ultimately provide the capital for jobs and investment.

Download Freedom in the City with Tim Congdon (10th March 2011) – This powerpoint accompanied a lecture that Professor Tim Congdon OBE gave in the City of London on 2nd March 2011. He argued that the City could no longer flourish within the bounds of the EU.

The Localism Bill 2011 -A Brief (8th February 2011) – The brief covers the Localism Bill, which aims to give more power to the people, by giving more powers to local Councillors, local community groups and individuals themselves. The brief is supportive of the Localism Bill, believing it is a step in the right direction, but believes more could be done to give people more power.

EAW Submission by The Freedom Association (31st December 2010) – This is a report which was submitted to the Joint Committee on Human Rights. The Committee, chaired by Dr Hywel Francis MP, is conducting an inquiry into the human rights implications of UK extradition policy. This report details the ways in which the European Arrest Warrant infringes on individual liberty and human rights.

Download Tobacco Products Directive – Submission by The Freedom Association (17th December 2010) – This was a report, which was submitted to the European Commission. The report warns the Commission against the dangers of implementing a Tobacco Display Ban, both on the economy and also for individual liberty. It calls for a review of all tobacco control laws, so that the effect it is having on individual freedom, is taken into account.

Download The European Union Bill 2010/11 – A Brief (7th December 2010 updated 7/02/11) – This provides an insight into the main points of the European Union Bill, and its strengths and weaknesses. It also details proposed amendments, which would strengthen the bill.

Download The Intercept Modernisation Programme – A Brief (3rd November 2010) – This brief details how the Intercept Modernisation Programme, which would give the Government the power to monitor our calls, internet usage and emails, is a danger to civil liberties. It also explains how the programme was revived by the Coalition Government, despite being killed off by the previous Labour Government.