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The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance blasts decision to maintain ban on e-cigarettes

Aussies are renowned for plain speaking, and you have to hand it to the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance - if plain speaking were an Olympic sport, they would be gold medallists. Here is a flavour of their response to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration's (TGA) decision to maintain the ban on e-cigarettes. It make my response look very tame! 

This pro-cancer decision by the TGA has demonstrated - without question - that the TGA has no interest in evidence, or in fulfilling its statutory obligations. It is - to put it frankly - an absolute disgrace.

I said at the end of my response last week that "with all the zeal we can muster, we need to export the positive vision of tobacco harm reduction throughout the world, and at the moment, there is no better place to start than the great country of Australia, who, if I may borrow and amend a slogan used by Donald Trump, can be made more liberal, free, and great again."

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is clearly going to fight this with all the zeal it can muster. Good on 'em. They have our wholehearted support. 

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